Why I’m Here

Create blog.

Think of clever title.

Type a first post with several inspirational points...maybe a second post shortly thereafter.

Months pass, I forget my password.

I finally remember it a few weeks later, and sign in.

The feel of the blog is off and doesn't feel right.

Delete blog and start over.

The above has been my life-long relationship with blog sites.

Trust me, I always have the best intentions. I get inspired, motivated, and I take off like a group of dandelion seeds. No matter how my ninety-thousand blogs start, they constantly end in the same way – horribly. This time though I feel different about this.

Those that know me know these basic traits I embrace…

  1. I love Jesus
  2. I marvel at technology
  3. I take photographs of all – everything
  4. I cherish relationships

In the bible Romans 12:6 tells us…

6 We have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us. If your gift is prophesying, then prophesy in accordance with your faith.

I believe that our interests and our gifts have been given to us for a purpose. Rather than trying to use my own mind to explore every possible meaning or reason for the gifts I’ve been given, I decided to stop and listen.


My best friend recently told me that she’s moving out-of-state. Not like the next state over, but about five states westward. In talking about journalism and blogging, we both decided to start blogs in an effort to keep in touch with each others lives. Think back to my history with blogs? Scary right? Well…maybe not.

Before, when I felt a disconnect with my previous blog sites, I chalked it up to several reasons why I couldn’t keep up. “I don’t have the time to post.”“I don’t have anything to say.”“Nobody will be impacted by my words.” All lies.

Gods timing is always going to be perfect. It is one of the hardest things in life to accept. We want things to happen when we’re ready. When we expect them to happen. Gods plan is typically different and always better. I believe that now is the time He has planned for me to start a blog. I am learning to trust His plan even when it does not appeal to me.

I’ve titled my blog – Gracefully Wild

Because of Jesus, I receive on a daily basis Grace that I do not deserve. Grace that I am nowhere near worthy of. Grace that can undoubtedly bring me to my knees in surrender to Him. My heart has a wild spirit. I love deeply, and trust quickly. I often use my heart in decisions more than I use my wisdom (Which can be a curse). Altogether, I am Gracefully Wild.


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