The wild

My first few blog posts have definitely leaned more towards the gracefully side of Gracefully Wild.

In light of that, I’d say it’s time to explore more of the wild side of my heart.

I think I’d be best inclined to first describe what I mean by wild…right? Let’s get a few things straight right away…

I’m a homebody.

I love cats, and a good camp fire. (Not mixed together…)

I thrive off of the solitude nature brings into my life.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m very personable. It takes a lot to embarrass me or make me uncomfortable, and I love being around friends in a social setting. But my wild side is more of the craving for adventure and exploration that is constantly stirring up in my heart. I love taking risks – I use my heart F A R more than I use my logic.

As some of you already know (because I constantly post about it all over my social media; sorry) I took a road trip out west in September of 2016. That trip sparked a light inside of me for exploration that I never knew existed. Below is a brief timeline of my trip last year. Okay, it’s not so brief…but I hope that it can somehow inspire you, or motivate you to get out there and dive head first into something you’ve always wanted to do.

  1. i-70 Diner | Flagler, CO 


2. Cog Railway Pike’s Peak aka America’s Mountain – Photo at the Summit | Manitou Springs, CO


3. Garden of the Gods | Colorado Springs, CO


4. Colorado National Monument | Grand Junction, CO


5. Our cabin | Moab, UT




6. Canyonlands National Park | Moab, UT


7. Arches National Park | Moab, UT


8. Grand Teton National Park | Teton County, WY



9. Jackson Hole, WY


10. Yellowstone National Park | WY


11. Cooke City | MT


12. Mount Rushmore National Memorial | Keystone, SD


My friend that I travelled with said it best…

“If you wait until you have time to travel, you won’t ever go.”

Get out there and go. Discover, travel, climb, sail. Whatever it may be that makes you feel wild, do it gracefully. And if you ever need a first mate, I’m always here and my heart is always ready.


Welcome Traveller | Wall Drug, SD

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