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If you don’t already know, we are 25 weeks pregnant with our second little boy. With the daily hustle and running to and from doctor appointments, I haven’t had the chance to blog since July.

I told you guys that would happen…

We currently have a five year old, and in just 15 short weeks we will start over with our newest little guy. We are so thrilled and a little nervous!

This brings me to my point…

Nesting has officially set in!

In the past couple weeks, we have pulled up our carpet and got some work done with our original hardwood floors. The transition from that carpet to this beautiful oak has been amazing! Trust me, you will never know how much dirt and dust that your carpet holds until you pull it up. Maybe that’s why Lucas has such a good immune system! (Not funny, okay)


Mama’s that have been through it, or Mama’s-to-be that are currently nesting…

What are you doing to keep busy throughout all of this waiting?

We still have some supplies and things to purchase, baby clothes to wash, and other small things to take care of.

I have slowly started to plan our vegetable garden for this year. We have three beds and limited space, so choosing what to plant can be challenging. I’ve taken in account that our youngest will most likely be eating some of the vegetables we grow this year so I am adding butternut squash to the lineup. I will probably post about the garden more once we have purchased the seed.

I pray that you all had an amazing holiday season and that this new year brings you many blessings! 2018 is looking to be a GREAT year!

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