More of You

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m tired. But not the typical tired.

My soul feels exhausted.

I’ve been praying this week specifically for healing. Obviously for my Dad, for physical healing. More so than that, for spiritual healing. It’s the way we live, we go and go. There’s always something on the schedule, always something to distract us from truly resting.

It was a few days ago, I was scrolling through Facebook continuously for almost 30 minutes (see my personal issue) and the pattern was obvious..


It was almost everywhere, and I am definitely not excluding myself. Post after post of people clearly trying to do everything on their own. Putting pressure on themselves to do things that we were just flat-out not created to be able to do without Him.

We put so much effort into ourselves. Diets, opinions, emotions, it’s all about us. Have you ever wondered why we always feel discontent? Why we never truly feel full, or rested?

There’s a line in a new Hillsong You & Free song that really resonated with me the second I heard it…

“Here I stand before You now-  As honestly as I know how.

Broken by the days gone by-  Spirit help my soul to rise.”

Heart of God by Hillsong Young & Free

I can see countless times within my own life where I stand in the way when it comes to my relationship with Jesus. Pride and control are my biggest issues. Making things about me when they clearly aren’t. Reacting to difficult situations with anger rather than Grace and understanding. I know it can be a cliché but there’s a reason people wear WWJD bracelets. It’s a simple but powerful reminder of how we are to walk this life.

The great news is, we can rest. We can recharge. We can give away all of those pressures and burdens that we have carried around, He wants them. He wants to renew you, and when He does, His light shines right through.


Lord I pray for rest. All too often we are consumed in ourselves and it deprives us of Your peace. I pray that we get out-of-the-way. That we stop making the world revolve around ourselves and start looking to you. Forgive us for getting angry and lashing out. For letting frustration control us and the words we speak. We know that you provide all, and that the only place we can go to truly rest is win you presence. Thank You for loving us, thank you for Jesus, thank you for constantly giving us new chances to shine Your light. We love you.


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