Breaking ground

Have you ever made wine?

Me neither.

Apparently in order to create that blissful glass of goodness, the grapes are crushed and pressed down into juice. They’re reduced down to what’s inside, so that it can be renewed and used for something wonderful.

Ever heard, “If God is so great, why do these horrible things happen?”

I have. I’ve even thought it myself.

In the midst of true, pure heartbreak it’s almost impossible to think anything otherwise. It can be so difficult to find hope, and when we try to make logical sense of tragedy, we always end up feeling helpless and alone.

But what if those times are our crushing? Our pressing?

We’re people of self-sufficient tendencies. We like to be in control, and we love feeling like if something is wrong in our lives that we, alone, can fix it. But for some reason, it always comes back. The bad habit, the loneliness, and the defeat. It hits hard.

God constantly has to remind us that we NEED Him. That we are NOT in control. That no matter how organized, or how strong we are, we will always fail without Him.

You guys there’s true freedom in Christ. There’s pure joy. When we let Him crush us, and press us, our lives are transformed into something so sweet, and so pure.

Father God, we know that we don’t always get it right and that our habits break us away from You. I pray that we trust in You, whole-heartedly, even when things happen that we don’t understand. Open our hearts to Your crushing and pressing of our souls. I pray for those that hurt. That carry around the weight of disappointment and those desperately missing ones they’ve lost. Even in our crushing, and in our fear, we trust You. Only You can renew us and open our eyes to the beauty of making new wine.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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