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Garden room

We did it! We finally have our indoor gardening space setup.

We’re in zone 6a, which means that we do experience winter. Having a designated indoor growing space will really help aid our project of growing our plants from seeds. I do want to be real though, we’re beginners. I am not showing a professional “how-to” by any stretch of the imagination. We’ve been gardening together for as long as we’ve known each other, which is eleven years. This will be our first time ever trying to grow plants indoors, particularly with grow lights.

We have started seedlings indoors before, but I don’t even remember how they turned out. That’s how much we didn’t care at the time.

Let’s get into our setup a bit.

We were lucky enough to find the shelves already as is, but we wanted to obviously reinforce them and make them stronger and more functional to use. We bought one sheet of 1″ plywood with white covering. It was just enough wood and it was just under $30, I think the tag said it was for bookshelves. The coating was perfect for us, due to the fact that we will be growing and watering plants on these bases. It acts as a barrier if you will.

After everything was cut to size and installed onto the shelf, it was time to put the hooks in for the grow lights. As before when I mentioned that we were beginners, that also applies to our first grow light purchase. As we learn with trial and error we can more carefully narrow down on which grow light will work best for us.

The lights we are using initially are 15w/45w LEDs. The hang from a cable that is hooked on each side of the light. These were a Christmas gift to me from my husband.

We applied the same shelf support to our smaller supply shelf, and also are using an older table as a prep table. It really only took one weekend to get the entire setup complete. We can’t wait to start germinating seeds! We are attempting mirco-greens here within the next couple of weeks. Stay with us if you’re interested in that!


I would love to hear from experienced indoor gardeners, any tips or tricks you’d like to share would be graciously welcomed.


As we all know by now, I can’t leave without getting some type of emotion into the post. If you need a hobby, are struggling with feeling alone, or just a friend – please reach out to me. One of the primary reasons this space was even started was due to me feeling like I needed to find myself outside of being Mom. I needed an outlet and something that felt like it could jump-start my passion again for being creative, for being me. I’ve found that and I’m so thankful.

I love my boys and I can’t imagine my life without them everyday, but it’s nice to have a space to go where there isn’t as much pressure or demand for my attention. I’ll try to keep the plants alive – & don’t ever stop growing.



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