Hope over fear

The past few weeks I have literally been able to feel the fear in those around me. From the shooting in Newark, to the accident at the State Fairgrounds, I've felt the wave of fear sweeping through our area. It breaks my heart. It obviously breaks my heart for those involved in either of the... Continue Reading →

Life right now

Life is crazy. Things completely change so quickly, without warning. So far this summer I've had many things change. There are two things in particular I want to highlight, one being my journey to better health, the other being our new furry addition to our family. For a while now I have had it on... Continue Reading →

When it hurts

I had a different title for this post, and I've typed then removed the first line about 7 times. I've spent the last several minutes trying to find inspiration to type an uplifting and encouraging post. But today, that's not how I feel. And that's okay. I know we have all been there. We've felt... Continue Reading →

Happiness. “Are we there yet?”

A lot of things in life can only be learned through experience. Call it ignorance, or optimism, but we often have to go through something before we actually learn the lesson. As much as we would like to say that we took our parents advice in High School when they told us that these are... Continue Reading →

The mindset of service

I'm not proud to admit that my inspiration for this post derived from being mildly irritated at my Facebook news feed... I'm a millennial right? Born after 1982? I'll slap that label on myself. If you have a Facebook I'm sure your news feed has been flooded with the same type of material as mine.... Continue Reading →

Be still

If your life is anything like mine and you live, work, or breathe near other human beings, you've experienced the art of not listening. Keep in mind that I'm not referring to the, trying to tell the three-year-old No, type of listening. I'm talking about genuinely not being heard. We've all had the "listen to understand, not... Continue Reading →

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